Keeping my outfit stylish and lips smooth with eos

Hi everybody and happy happy new year! I feel that my year will come the best I have had :)

Today I like to introduce you my absolute favourite lip balm, natural and orcanic - eos - evolution of smooth. And, yes, I  know its not normal to have different flavor for each day, but belive me if you have them, you can't choose one or two. I love my new eos Visibly Soft lip balms in Coconut Milk (pink with stripes) one so much :) that its kinda talisman for me!


 I have bought all my EOS tiny balls from Lett online store 

 Besides of these lovely lip balms which keeps my lips so smooth, please see my "oh so girly" sweatshirt with tiny pearls. I love to wear this with dark blue skinny Zara jeans or with my black tutu skirt. Works everytime!

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